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Rail Transport

Rail transport (also known as train transport) is a means of transportation that runs on rails (railways) with wagons tied back to back and pulled by a motorized machine at the front. It is a popular transportation service that has been actively used since the 1800s. Since the railways are not affected by seasonal conditions, it is almost impossible to have problems in all four seasons. They operate over short and long distances, and are one of the most important and cheapest ways to transport passengers and goods.  Today, the transportation of various goods is carried out by rail transportation every day. Because it is a safe and cheap way, many people use rail transportation when trading. Even in the UK, rail transportation accounts for 1 in 3 of the transportation of goods.

Why is rail transportation important?

Rail transport is the main mode of transportation for freight and passengers in India. This shows how vital rail transportation is for some countries. It is a safe and fast way of transportation that reduces traffic congestion and reduces damage to the environment. It plays a major role in carrying out operations such as goods transportation, trade and travel. It is an easier and more enjoyable transportation choice for long-distance travel. It plays a vital role in national integration. It strengthens the development of industry, agriculture and trade transportation.


What are the Types of Wagons?

- Covered wagons: Covered wagons are classically known as covered wagons. They are used for transporting goods that will be affected by weather conditions, such as animals, fertilizers, feed or electronic equipment, as well as for transporting passengers.
- High-sided wagons: Open-top wagons with high sides for the transportation of various types of minerals.
- Platform wagons: A type of wagon used for transporting heavy loads such as work, agricultural machinery or heavy concrete. 
- Wagon with sliding side walls: The cover of the wagon slides open from the side and materials are stored.

Anatolia Express understands the future potential and importance of railway transportation and integrates railway transportation with other transportation services.
In addition to local transportation from all over our country, our company delivers export and import cargoes, especially in connection with Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle East countries, without being affected by seasonal fluctuations and weather conditions.

Our Rail Transportation Services
" Rail Transportation Solutions in the corridor between Western and Central Europe, Balkans, Middle East, CIS countries and Turkey
" Supply of a wide range of wagons from 4-axle wagons to Platform and Habis type wagons according to need
" Block Train Shuttle Service
" Scheduled Departures
" Reliable Delivery Times
" Transportation Services to Russia, Baltic States and CIS Countries with European Connection
" Domestic Rail Connected Port-Factory Transportation

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