Project Cargo and Roro Services

Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services
Project Cargo and Roro Services

Project cargo transportation is the transportation of standard cargoes as well as non-standard cargo from one place to another. The concept of time is important in project cargo transportation. In project cargo transportation, non-standard cargoes must arrive within the specified time without damage. If it cannot be reached on time, great damage may occur. Considering such risks, it is necessary to plan before the transactions are carried out and set out with an expert team. Project cargo transportation can serve in more than one area.

Steam and gas turbines,
Factories and power plants,
Rail system projects,
Dryer and flue furnaces,
Heavy and out of gauge loads,
Refinery and fuel processing plants.


Project cargo transportation is a responsibility that requires the importance of planning and working with expert teams as well as standard loads.  The equipment and vehicles used must be suitable for heavy cargo transportation. When transporting project cargo, employees should examine the region or country to which the shipment will go and should be familiar with these procedures if the shipment will be shipped to the region. Road analysis, engineering knowledge and successful time management are of great importance. 
Transit routes between locations and several different vehicles may be used over a period of time. When carrying out this type of Project cargo transportation, it is necessary to take into account every detail in the transportation of cargo. Such cargoes require special modes of transportation. Such cargoes are called Project cargo transportation or heavy cargo. 
In order to ensure the safety requirements for the transportation of heavily loaded or project cargoes, there are different designs for efficient operations. Demand for this type of transportation is increasing day by day.


Project cargo transportation processes
Preparations must be made before departure,
Path analysis and load analysis should be done,
Design phases should be done, 
Planning stages,
Implementation phases,
At the last point, a control and results diagram should be drawn up. 
A number of factors should be taken into account when delivering oversized cargo. For the successful transportation of critical and high-value cargo, you should work with logistics companies specializing in heavy cargo. An assessment should be made on how the operations will be carried out. Cargo transporting project cargo should not be damaged and lost. If such negativities occur, great material and moral losses may occur.


Companies engaged in project cargo transportation should meet the requests in line with the wishes of the customers. 
Project cargo transportation is not a simple job and this job should be done with great responsibilities.
If project cargo transportation is to be carried out, experienced companies and experienced teammates who have received the necessary training in their work should be worked with. 
Anatolia Express offers transit special project transportation services through Turkey especially for Iraq. 
Anatolia EXPRESS has extensive experience in the project logistics industry and has contributed to most of the region. If you want to get help about project cargo transportation, you can contact us from the contact section on our website or by calling our number.

RoRo transportation is one of the types of transportation by sea. The main criterion in the RoRo transportation service is that the cargo is on wheels, an example would be a truck or a lorry. RoRo transportation can also use heavy machinery or long-height vehicles, here are all the vehicles you can use:  
- Ride-on vehicles,
- Heavy vehicles such as trucks and lorries,
- Recreational vehicles,
- Wheeled mining vehicles,
- Construction equipment and vehicles,
- Trailers,
- Train cars,
- Yachts and boats,
- Mobile homes, caravans and much more.


What is the Difference Between Roro and Container Shipping?

In container transportation, after your goods are put in containers, they are lifted with the help of a crane and put on the ship and at the destination, the containers are landed with a crane. The difference in RoRo transportation in general is that you board the ship with your motor vehicle. There are ramps and special cargo sections produced for this process. After the vehicle or cargo is boarded, it is blocked, supported and tied to protect it, preventing it from moving during the journey and preventing dangerous situations.

Things to know about RoRo transportation
RoRo transportation is a fast and reliable option as there is no container loading process. You can also easily transport wheeled vehicles to every destination. The two elements you should pay attention to in RoRo transportation are to check whether you have sufficient insurance coverage. Secondly, you cannot put your personal belongings between your goods sent by RoRo transportation. If you need to carry personal belongings, you should prefer container transportation.

Roro Advantages

- Roro is the simplest and easiest way to transport your goods with wheeled motorized vehicles.
- Since there is no use of containers in Roro transportation service, it is a more cost-effective way of transportation than containers.
- Since Roro is easier in terms of loading and unloading the goods, it is also a faster way.

When Do We Recommend Using Roro Services? 

- When you want to ship your goods on a wheeled vehicle,
- When you don't need to put a personal item in the vehicle,
- If you want to opt for a simple and fast way,
- We recommend using it when you want to reduce costs.

Do You Need RoRo Service?

Anatolia Express is a company that has a Syrian second-hand car special permit by the Ministry of Trade and has provided RoRo transportation services around 7,000 units in 2021.   
RO-RO, which is an abbreviation of the words Roll on and Roll off, refers to the transportation of wheeled vehicles from one place to another by ships, and ships carrying such loads are called Ro-Ro ships and this type of transportation is called Ro-Ro Transportation.


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