What is Sea Freight?

When it comes to transportation, transportation is called transportation to deliver the products entrusted to you from the location to the address determined in a healthy and sound way. Transportation is a sector with more than one variety. There are different types of transport, such as air transport, road transport, rail transport. You can receive different products in transportation. For example, heavily loaded products, very valuable but small size products, or products with a large volume can be given as examples. Of course, there is more than one type of transportation for the delivery of these product types. Delivering products in a healthy, safe and timely manner is something that everyone will want.  In order for the products to be delivered on time, the weather conditions and some conditions required must be good.

Maritime transportation is one of the most preferred types of transportation in the world market.  The products transported in maritime transport are valuable and the service provided is more regular and better than non-scheduled sea travel transport.  With maritime transport, a very large amount of dry cargo can be transported with liquid and pleasure containers.  Another reason why maritime transportation is preferred is that maritime transportation is preferred in the transportation of low-value products where the speed factor is not very important. We are in a leading position among Iskenderun logistics companies and our maritime transportation service is also available in our Iskenderun office.  

What are the Reasons for Preferring Maritime Transportation?

It is ensured that it provides convenience in the transportation of raw materials created in industries and that a large number of products can be transported at once. For this reason, maritime transportation is even more prominent than other transportation methods.

International transportation is the most trusted type of logistics.  Especially when transporting between countries, a great advantage is provided because there is no border overage problem between countries. It can carry high load quantities at one time. Compared to other transportation methods, the energy consumption rate used will be even less. This both reduces the cost of fuel used and minimizes the damage to the environment, leaving a more positive effect in terms of natural resources. Variable cost rates
are less in maritime transport. Compared to road and rail, costs will be much cheaper both in terms of fuel and product delivery. 

Care must be taken to avoid any damage during the loading, unloading and placement of your products. If you want to get help with maritime transport, please contact us.

What is International Sea Transport?

The cargo process that takes place by sea transport between countries is called international maritime transport. Transportation activities in international waters are cheap cost. This maritime transport is preferred so that sensitive and dangerous products can be transported without a hitch. There are certain rules for transportation operations by ships. Most of the countries use the type of transportation, which is very advantageous for long distances. It has become a popular choice especially by countries with sea coasts and cargo and raw materials can be transported to all parts of the world. Sea transportation to countries that do not have a coast to the sea with the support of road transportation is carried out successfully and without any problems.  Sea transport also has its own varieties.  International sea transportation operations are carried out with containers.  Sea container transportation places your products in containers and makes heavy tonnage products transportable.  Sea freight usually carries heavy tonnage products and can be used to transport different products such as raw materials.  International maritime transport is preferred in the transportation of products where the speed factor is not important and has low value.

Advantages of Sea Freight

is that it costs much less than transportation methods. Prices for maritime transportIt is determined by the method of transportation, distance and characteristics of products.  Another of the advantages of maritime transport is that it allows huge loads to be transported at once. However, it is one of the safest methods to transport products that are likely to be broken and damaged by sea.  One of the most important advantages of maritime transportation is that it provides transportation to the back point of the world. In the maritime route, which is the safest method of international transportation, the problem of border overrun between countries is not a risk. For many years, it is the most advantageous transportation method for your business such as automotive, textile, technology, e-commerce.

Sea Freight and Types of Freight

What is maritime transport in the field of logistics, one of the most important issues about it is the types of maritime transport. There are two types of tramps and linear transportation. The content of tramp transport operations is usually cargo of raw materials such as oil, coal and mines being transported in international waters. In the linear transportation type, trade and transportation of special goods are provided. In this type of transportation, the services and advantages offered by the companies to their customers are important. 

  • Import and export shipments with FCL and LCL containers.
  • All kinds of transit transportations through Turkey.
  • Transportation of special containers such as opentop or flatrack, reefer or ISO tank.
  • Domestic distribution services.
  • Transportation of bulk and general cargo.
  • Industrial material transportation.
  • In the expression of industrial material transportation, we can give examples of raw materials, cement, iron and steel products.
  • In the understanding of bulk and general cargo transportation, all the soil, cement and similar materials you can think of can be transported without limits.
  • In the general understanding of cargo transportation, it is possible to carry out all kinds of transportation, including animals, including personnel who are considered to be transported by sea.
  • Again, within the general transportation service understanding, it may be possible to transport valuable ores, steels, irons, vehicles, construction machinery and similar instruments.

 If you want to benefit from our maritime transportation service from all our offices, especially our Iskenderun logistics company, you can reach us from the contact section or get an offer.




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