What is Road Transport?

Sending the products to the specified location of the manufacturer or supplier companies is one of the most preferred transportation methods today to transport all the product and service transfers required for domestic or international work by road. The most important thing that the manufacturer or supplier should pay attention to in road transportation is that the products are delivered to the specified location on time without damage and in a solid way and that there is no problem at the point of delivery of the products to the company.  
 One of the most important factors to be considered in road transportation is that the company that will carry out the transportation meets all the necessary documents. Today, there are more than one company that provides road transportation services. However, a company that wants to carry out road transport must have all the necessary documents and it is absolutely important that the workers work together in a coordinated manner.  Companies that want to get a better-quality service are recommended to prefer corporate companies that follow the regulations and can meet all the documents. 

Road Freight Advantages

  • One of the most important advantages of your road transport products is that they are delivered on time and can deliver to more than one point on the road route
  • Road transport can offer more economical and faster solutions compared to other types of transport. Road transport is recommended for the delivery of short-distance products.
  • Another reason for preference of road transportation is that product deliveries can be made from door to door.  The specified destinations can be arranged as desired.
  • Road transport is preferred uninterruptedly all over the world. So, you can send your products to anywhere in the world without any disruption.
  • Road transport is developing in a general way in the world.  Since road transportation is a very preferred transportation method, it becomes even more convenient with geographical conditions. Thus, today, the transportation quality of the products and the safe delivery of your products are realized.
  • With road transportation, products with different weights and products with different volumes can be transferred.
  • Products whose transportation is risky can be transported together with road transport. With the taking of security measures, road transportation can be preferred and safely delivered.

As mentioned in the article, we recommend that you stay up to date and work with experienced people for road transportation, and that you work with companies that have teammates working in coordination with each other.  

The Importance of Road Transport

Today, the most preferred type of transportation in the field of transportation is road transport. Because road transport is reliable. It is both widely used and allows more cargo to be transported. From moving a house to moving a factory, versatile transports are carried out by road transport. Road transport in terms of convenience and price, road transport is the most popular mode of transport in this sector. In this type of transportation, which is very flexible, loading and unloading operations can be easily done, scheduled loading can be repeated, door-to-door service is the reason for preference for reasons such as short transportation times. Being easily affected by bad weather conditions and being affected by environmental elements are negative aspects.
Road transport is in competition with the airline for small loads and the sea for larger loads. However, the fact that it is flexible and open to versatile use gives an important advantage. In other words, transportation can be done door-to-door without the need for the contribution of other transportation methods.

The Future of Road Transport

Road transport is a sector that is open to development. Developments in the automotive sector, new inventions and research and development operations on vehicles lead to more proactive developments in terms of road transport. These developments are to be able to produce trucks or lorries with more technological engines and more powerful components. In this way, the carrying capacity and power of the vehicles increase. In addition, thanks to the savings technology developed in vehicles, the fuel consumption of the vehicles is reduced, which contributes to the reduction of transportation costs.  The countries that have the largest share of road transport are mostly neighboring countries. Trade and political developments between these countries affect road transport. Agreements between border countries and large volume and quantity of freight transfers constitute one of the most important factors in the rise of road transport. When we look at it from another perspective, the changes and developments in the industry not only allow vehicle performance but also more production in a short time, which increases the need for road transportation at a considerable rate.

Types of Road Transport

There is more than one variant of road transport. The most used of these is road partial transportation. Road partial transport allows the delivery of orders of multiple customers with the same vehicle. The products of the customers on the same route are loaded into the same vehicle and the products of all customers are delivered respectively through the route. Usually in this method, transportation is done by trucks and trucks.  Another most commonly used method is intermodal transportation. The cargo to be transported in intermodal transportation can be transported by more than one vehicle. The container loaded into the vehicle is transferred to the other vehicle without emptying, so that cleaning and safety are controlled as the transportation is carried out untouched. This method performs the integrated transportation of several transportation methods such as air, sea, road. In addition, there are many different methods of road transportation such as parcel-palletized general cargo transportation, project cargo transportation, import export loading organization.

Road Transportation Companies

Road transport companies work domestically and internationally. The products entrusted to us by you are delivered on time and without damage. All necessary documents should be prepared before international road transport and no problems should be encountered during the trip.  All documents required for road transport operations must be met. In order to avoid any problems, the transportation process takes place after all the requirements and all the necessary documents are completed.  We have road transportation service in all our offices, including our Iskenderun logistics company.

The History of Road Transport

It is the oldest type of transportation in history. When road transportation was investigated, railway and sea transportation services were generally carried out by road before the emergence of sea transportation. From the proclamation of the Republic until 1950, more railways and sea transportation were carried out, and then road transportation came to the forefront. Because new and alternative roads and similar structures such as bridges have started to be built. It is also less costly than other transportation methods. The road transportation sector, which is in constant follow-up in the face of technological developments, continues to develop itself in this way. Shortening distances, not having much expenses and delivering to the door are the reasons for preferring road transport. Another is that the transport area is large and there is no problem of finding suitable vehicles for cargoes. Highway laws, technological developments are the factors that are constantly monitored for the sector to work efficiently.  Iskenderun logistics companies also have benefits in the development of road transportation.

If you want to deliver your cargo by road transport, you can contact us at our phone number on our website or ask your questions from our WhatsApp support line.





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