What is Rail Freight?

A most preferred transportation option for heavy and bulky loads is rail transport.  Rail transport is a very preferred transportation option for bulky and heavy loads.   Railway transportation has recently become the most preferred and popularly increasing transportation option in the world.    Another reason for preferring railway transportation is that there is no problem of disruption of transportation with any seasonal results. Having problems seasonally is a rate that is close to impossible for rail transport. The error rate in rail transport is very low compared to other transportation options.

In railway transport there are wagons. These wagons are aligned in a way that is connected to each other. The load of the wagons is pulled by the locomotive. Wagons do not have engines. The wagons behind the locomotive pull.  Wagons for freight transportation have their own characteristics. There is no disruption in the transportation of construction machinery, food materials, mineral building materials and products with different features such as this in the wagons. Wagons can be of different sizes and have different characteristics. According to the size ratio of the wagons, the amount of material transported may also increase. Railway transport is of great importance in the concept of logistics. In terms of transportation, the railway is preferred for transportation of heavy loads and where there is no time shortage, transportation with more affordable costs financially.  With rail transport, living and inanimate beings can be transported. The railway does not interfere with city traffic, reduces labor costs, an environmentally sensitive transportation option is rail transport. 

One of the advantages of rail transportation is that the journey times are fixed. The information about when the cargo will be delivered is precisely determined. With rail transportation, you will not have difficulty in delivering your heavily loaded products. The heavier the product to be sent, the more weight of the wagon increases depending on the product to be sent. Dependence on people is minimal in rail transport. Therefore, the error rate is less. There can be no question of being affected by poor seasonal conditions in railway transport. Even if other modes of transport affect them all, rail transport is not affected by poor seasonal conditions as we mentioned. The best method that can be preferred for the delivery of your heavily loaded and large size products is rail transport.  Train freight transportation is the most preferred option compared to other transportation methods.  Railway transportation operations will be risk-free and faster than other transportation methods.

Prices for Freight Transportation by Train

The prices of transportation by train are determined according to your loads. Due to the reasons such as the size, weight, amount of material transported by train, the prices of freight transportation by train may vary. Prices for transporting freight by train have lower costs than other methods of transport. No disruption is caused in transportation due to seasonal reasons. The error rate is much smaller than other transportation methods.  We are one of the best companies among the Iskenderun transportation companies and we provide railway transportation in our Iskenderun office.

Rail Transport

The type of transport used for heavy tonnage and bulky cargo is called rail transport.  Rail transport has become a popular location in recent years and is a type of transport that has become widespread all over the world. One of the most important features of railway transportation is that it is resistant to seasons and ensures that the cargo reaches the required place 24/7 without interruption. Human intervention in this method of transportation is quite minimal. Therefore, the number of mistakes that can be made is almost impossible.  We are the leader among Iskenderun logistics companies and we also carry out railway transportation in İskenderun.  As Anatolia Express, the countries where we carry out railway transportation are quite numerous.

What is a Wagon?

The wagon is one of the necessary parts for the sustainability of railway transportation. They are railway cars that are used to transport freight and passengers, connected to each other, pulled by the locomotive. Wagons do not have their own engines to move. Each wagon is connected to each other and the wagon at the very beginning is connected to the locomotive. Thus, it allows to move forward by pulling all the wagons connected to each other behind the locomotive. Wagons used for freight transportation have varieties according to their characteristics and the loads they carry. With these wagons, it can be ensured that it carries many kinds of different products from construction machinery to food materials, live animals, household materials. According to the size of the wagons, the number of materials to be transported will also increase.

How is Wagon Transportation Done?

Railway transportation, which is a suitable transportation method especially for heavy tonnage loads, is a preferred method for domestic and international transportation. In this method of transport, it is possible to transport your belongings in closed wagons or open wagons. Your loads are meticulously loaded onto the wagons without being damaged and transported in the safest way.

What are the Types of Wagons?

There is a wide variety of transportation services planned to be carried out by rail transport. Different criteria from the type to the amount of cargo to be transported determine which wagon should be preferred.  The most preferred type of covered wagon is in railway transportation. It is used for the transportation of products such as household items, manure, livestock, food supplies and sacks of cement. The other type of wagon is the high-brimmed wagon. In the transportation of various mines, building materials such as tiles, curbstones and iron are transported by the high-sided wagon. In heavy load transportation, the preferred type of wagon is the platform wagon. It is used in the transportation of various work and agricultural machinery, in the transportation of products that require high weight and volume, from wood and poles to concrete transportation. Apart from these, there are also types of closed wagons with sliding side walls, multi-purpose wagons, special type wagons, heavy cargo wagons and bulk wagons.

What is Railway Logistics and What Are its Services?

Railway transportation is at a very important point in terms of the transportation sector of the logistics concept. It is a preferred method for transporting heavy loads, which is generally cheap and financially insufficient, where there is no shortage of time in terms of transportation. Thanks to the
logistics of railway transportation, it allows the transportation of living beings and inanimate assets. If you want to choose a transportation method that does not harm the environment and reduce labor costs without transporting to city traffic, railway transportation is the most appropriate transportation method.

Advantages of Rail Transport

If you transport your cargo with rail transport, you can benefit from various advantages.  One of the most important advantages in railway transportation is that the journey times are fixed. This allows you to know exactly when your loads will be radioed. Another feature is the ability to carry a lot of cargo at the same time. The greater the number of wagons, the greater the carrying capacity.
Bad weather conditions during rail transport are not an obstacle and do not extend the transport time. Heavy and bulky loads are the best method to be preferred in terms of physical and cost.
Since the level of need for people during railway transportation is minimal, the level of error is also quite low. In addition, being sensitive to the environment is one of the advantages it provides.

Disadvantages of Rail Transport

Rail transport has negative aspects as opposed to the very positive aspects it provides. The worst aspect of this transport is that there is no door-to-door transport. During railway transportation, the loads are taken from a certain station and delivered to the specified station.
The duration of transportation by rail is long. The transportation times of your products are also very long compared to other transportation methods. It is therefore a particularly time-sensitive method for delivering urgent products. Considering all these situations, railway transportation should be preferred.

Railway Freight Overseas Shipping Prices

Railway transportation, which is very advantageous when we compare it with other types of transportation, guarantees to carry a lot of loads, especially over long distances.  In transportation by rail transport, the price factor varies depending on various parameters.

Different factors vary in price from the distance between the stations to the type, amount and wagon of the cargo to be transported.

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