What is Air Freight?

Transportation, logistics or product delivery is the delivery of any product to the designated point in a healthy and sound way. There is a designated location for product delivery and it is desirable to deliver it to the address as soon as possible in a healthy way and in a way that will not harm the originality of the product.

The understanding of air transportation cargo should be delivered to the desired location by airplanes using the airline and the delivery to the targeted location should be delivered in a healthy and solid way.  We can say that Air Freight is a type of transportation used to reach the product faster delivery times and the specified location more quickly.

Air freight is used for fast and safe delivery to different countries within the scope of international transport. Many businesses send their aircraft to all airports of the world and perform the desired service.
Air transportation is preferred in many ways. It is a type of transportation that enables all kinds of products to be brought to the buyer at any time. 

What are the Advantages of Air Transport?

  • All kinds of project transportation can be done.
  • Export and import products can be transported.
  • Funeral transportation can be done by air.
  • All kinds of manufactured products are transported.
  • Dangerous goods may be transported.
  • Textile products with hangers can be transported.
  • It can be heavy tonnage off-gauge products.
  • Live animals can be transported.

Air cargo transportation can achieve faster delivery times than other transportation methods. It has facilitated customs procedures and transportation procedures with faster operation of the airline logistics system. It allows your sensitive cargo to be delivered without damage.
With Air Freight Insurance, you can secure your products against possible negativity. You can clearly see the movements with the instant tracking service of your products. You can usually make areas that other transportation options cannot reach accessible by air transport. The expert staff at the airport can provide a quality service by taking part in the loading and unloading of your products. Whether you want your large and excessive loads or a small parcel transportation, expert teammates will be happy to serve you. 

Air Freight Forwards must be carried out safely and before any negative consequences that may arise before the Air Route cargo transactions.

Airline Logistics Industry

Air Freight Transportation is among the most important methods of transportation of cargo and goods between countries, and it is developing more and more every year. Thanks to the increase in aircraft fleets, air transportation between countries is carried out every day. The importance of the courier sector is enormous in logistics. What is Road transportation, transportation by air method has positive and negative aspects as in other types of transportation. The method, which is much more costly than sea transportation, is the fastest transportation method of air transportation.

Air Transportation, which is among the indispensables of the logistics sector, is a method generally preferred by large companies. Especially companies selling electronic goods choose air transportation in the field of logistics. Thanks to the airlines that are important for international trade, it is possible to sell to all parts of the world by air transportation to the places where the world has an airstrip.  In the courier transactions in air transportation, cargoes are delivered to customer addresses with road support.

Pros of Air Freight

With the development of technology and the logistics sector, it is air transport that benefits from various advantages. What is air transport, speed and safety issues are at the top of the advantages. There are very few problems in terms of security in airline transfers. At the same time, you can easily handle emergency cargo handling. The negative aspects of air freight are that the cost is high.

Logistics Air Freight

Logistics air transport is the fastest preferred method in transportation sectors. Daily shipments can be made to different countries. It is possible to transport everything from paperwork cargoes to large shipments of products. Due to airports, you will have difficulty in finding flights and your products will reach consumers safely. Your product depends on the type and volume of your product and how it will be transported by plane. The price is subtracted, including the number, size and volume of the cargo and products you want to send. Logistics companies insure your products for your cargo to be sent abroad and deliver them safely to where they need to go.

Air freight is often a preferred transportation system for the fast delivery of valuable goods. In order to receive this service, expert teammates and teammates working in coordination with each other are very important. If you want to ask what you are curious about transportation and get help, please contact us.

Aircraft Cargo Prices

Aircraft cargo prices may be more expensive than other modes of transportation. Aircraft cargo prices are priced in relation to the area that your products will occupy, the weight of your cargo, and the number of cargoes.  With the advantages of aircraft cargo, you can follow your products live and send your cargo in different varieties.




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