The 40-Year Old Bridge between Iskenderun and Iraq is Being Renovated

At the launch meeting of Limakport Iskenderun organized in Erbil, Iraq, the advantages of Iskenderun Port and the importance of its restructuring were explained to Iraqi business people.
Content text: At the launch meeting of Limakport Iskenderun organized in Erbil, Iraq, the advantages of Iskenderun Port and the importance of its restructuring were explained to Iraqi business people.
Limakport İskenderun, which continues its efforts to turn its important position between the Middle East and Europe into an advantage and to rebuild transit transportation in accordance with the interests of the country and the region, is making important breakthroughs in the region with the office it opened in Erbil a while ago. Limakport, targeting the advantages of Iskenderun Port and its structuring in the region at the launch meeting organized in Erbil, has made a significant progress in this meeting with Iraqi business people. At the meeting where there was intense participation, Limakport Iskenderun General Manager Gündüz Arısoy explained the commercial advantages of Iskenderun Gulf logistics activities to Iraqi business people. Gündüz Arısoy stated that they have invested nearly 800 million dollars in Iskenderun port and that they are planning to increase their annual 1 million tons container capacity to 3 million TEU container handling capacity and said. "Iskenderun port, which is the closest port to Erbil in Iraq, is 925 km away from Erbil and is also in a position to be a transit route to points such as Tabriz and Baghdad. It is a very short way and advantage to go to the South of Iraq via Iskenderun port instead of going through the Suez Canal and traveling around the Arabian Peninsula." Limak Board of Directors member Kerem Güzel gave detailed information about the activities of Limak Holding in the region in his presentation.

We want to renew 40 years of bonds
Limakport Iskenderun Deputy General Manager Mehmet Ünlü emphasized in his speech that they would like to refresh the 40 years old bond between Iskenderun Port and Iraq for the Iraqi business people. Ünlü spoke as follows. "We are the closest LimakPort Iskenderun Port to this region, which has no border to the sea but has a high commercial potential and is taking rapid steps towards becoming the logistics center of the region. We are the Limak Group of Companies, whose foundations date back to 1976, managing projects worth billions of dollars in the fields of construction, tourism, cement, infrastructure, superstructure and energy investments, energy contracting, aviation and food, and also constructing the Zakho tunnel. We are Iskenderun Port, which was operated by the Anatolia-Baghdad Railways Company 100 years ago and used intensively by Iraq 40 years ago. We are LimakPort İskenderun Port, where you can get the closest, most advanced, fastest and cheapest service to the region, where all infrastructure and machinery equipment has been renewed by Limak Group of Companies with an investment of approximately 800 Million Dollars, offering an annual container handling capacity of one million containers.
We are here to create an awareness for you, our esteemed business people who trade in this region and need affordable and fast logistics services to develop their trade.
We are here to tell you that LimakPort Iskenderun Port is the newest and closest trade gate for Northern Iraq.

We are here to tell you about LimakPort Iskenderun Port and its advantages as an alternative to Mersin Port, where you have problems getting service due to the density these days, Um-Qasr Port, which is constantly closed due to protests, and Aqaba Port, which is 1.500 km away from Erbil, where you can use the nearest port only 925 km away as your own port. We did not wait for you to come to Iskenderun to tell you that you can easily use Iskenderun Port, we did not stay away, we came to you".
Mehmet Ünlü also gave the good news that they have started to offer a service to the Iraqi business people that will take the products belonging to the customer from Europe, China, America or anywhere in the world and deliver them to their doors in Iraq via LimakPort İskenderun Port.
At the launch meeting, a question and answer session was held between the Limak Management and the Iraqi business people. The business people who are engaged in trade in Iraq and Erbil region and who wish to use Iskenderun Port in this context have received the answers to their questions from the Limak management.

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