Express Shipping

What Does Express Shipping Mean?

The answer to the question of what express cargo means is important for everyone who sends abroad. Because people or institutions that send cargo abroad want their package to be at the destination address as soon as possible. That's why Express Cargo provides just that. The fastest way to transport and transport the shipment of the person or institution that wants to send cargo abroad is called Express Cargo.  We can also call express cargo overseas cargo. Express cargo, which has now reached almost the same day delivery speed, is shipped to all parts of the world within 1-3 business days on average, although the country where the cargo will be transported is important.  With express cargo, the overseas cargo package reaches the buyer without delay.

Express Air Cargo

Express aircraft cargo is a type of transportation that provides speed and safety to customers. Companies that want to meet the fastest cargo demand, especially in recent years, provide Express air cargo service by growing their fleets day by day and increasing the number of transportation points. We have
express cargo service in all our offices including our Iskenderun logistics company.

Pay Attention to Kilogram and Size in Express Cargo

A person or institution that will send express cargo should pay attention to kilogram and size limitations in this service. cargoes between 0.5 kilograms and 30 kilograms and shipments not larger than 180cm, 240cm and 270cm depending on the dimensions of the aircraft can be transported by Express service.

1 Day Delivery with Express Cargo

Thanks to express shipping, we encounter the most important area where fast delivery is the most important as overseas shipments. Those who send documents or commercial products to any country in the world and want this to be delivered to the destination address in the fastest way in the fastest way prefer to use the Express cargo alternative. It is easy to ship from Turkey and it is easy to send cargo to Turkey from another place. Delivery is made to European countries within 1 working day, Far East and African countries within 3 working days.

  • Germany: Average 1 working day
  • America: Average 2 working days
  • China: Average 2 working days
  • Australia: 3 working days on average.

If you want to deliver your products from our Iskenderun logistics company and other offices by Express Cargo, you can contact us at our phone number on our website or ask your questions from our WhatsApp support line.




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